Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where did the time go? Case's 4th Birthday

This year, Case had his birthday on Easter Sunday. What a great day to share with God! It has been busy in our house the past month. With everything going on with Caedyn, Case's brithday snuck up fast. We, of course, were not going to make his day any less special because of our fatigue and chaotic life. Jeff made the promise about 3 months ago, that if Case started sleeping in his bed all night, he would get him a Nintendo DS. This promise was made unbeknownst to me because I would have said a resounding "No" to a video gaming system for a four year old. However, Jeff made a promise he had to keep, if Case lived up to his end of the bargain. Of course, he did. GREAT. So, not only do I not want him to get this as his present, we have no means to buy him one. With Jeff not working, buying such a present is a no brainer. However, there is always ebay and craigslist. So, of course, Jeff found a great deal last minute. I turned in some flex money and we got him the stupid thing. But that was it. He was thrilled. He actually found it (along with the Easter baskets, he has always been nosey) and I had to tell him Jordan left it at our house. What else was I supposed to say?? Anyway, he claims it was his best birthday ever, not to mention that he has only had what, one other, that he can actually remember to base it on? I got a kick out of that.
I attempted to make a cake now that grandma Hennip is officially retired from Connie's Cakes. I didn't take a picture of it if that tells you anything. It tasted fine but looked ridiculous. After I was done decorating, I was very glad that I never helped out at mom's shop during the busy season. I would have ruined the cakes for sure. Nonetheless, Case loved it, Spiderman and all. It was a great birthday, just ask Case.

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