Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We had such a great holiday weekend. On Saturday, we went to my Dad and Lu's for an Easter gathering with Lu's family. It was nice to get together as we rarely get to see one another! The kids had an Easter egg hunt and got to spend time with their cousins for a couple hours, while the adults had a little time to catch up. On Sunday, of course, we went to church. Rigth before we left, I attempted to take a few snapshots of the boys as well as one of all three of the kids. Caedyn was not cooperating. She wanted nothing to do with getting her picture taken. I think her modeling days are numbered..

This picture just warms my heart. My boys just love their baby sister!

When will that last front tooth fall out? Not soon enough!

Case's newest "smile" - The hairlip. Good thing the dimples cover up the quirky grin!

After church and a much needed nap, Jordan and his girlfriend, Alyssa went with all of us to my mom's for dinner. Each year the kids look forward the grandma's Easter egg hunt. With more than 100 eggs for three kids, we will be eating Easter candy for months!

Case hit the jackpot at the back of the house.

Zach looking hard for his fair share!

Cam is not quite tall enough!

Zach, Case and Cam

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