Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video EEG

After meeting with the neurologist Tuesday, we got right in the next day for a 24 hour video EEG. I think it pays to know people at Spectrum. Otherwise, we could have waited for weeks to get in.
The last EEG we had in the hospital confirmed Caedyn's epilepsy diagnosis. This EEG monitors her brain activity via electrodes on her head for 24 hour via a live streaming video. Once the 24 hours are complete, the Dr. reviews the results and hopefully can detect when and where seizure activity occurs in her brain. This allows him to better treat the seizures. After all the wires were attached and gauze wrapped around her pretty little head, the "eye in the sky" monitored our every move. It is really annoying and creepy to think that someone is watching everything we do in another room. Try sleeping at night..not fun. Jeff stayed with Caedyn and I till bedtime, tucked us in and then we hunkered down for a long evening. And that it was. 6am came awful early and so did work. Now, we just wait a couple weeks for the results and more answers. In the mean time, the goal is to remain seizure free and keep our daughter happy and healthy! Thanks for all the prayers and support. We appreciate each and every one!
I just love this picture. So innocent and sweet!
Not so happy little girl. This was taken just after all the wires and gauze
were attached.

Always happy to be naked!

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