Saturday, April 24, 2010

God is Good!

We received a good report at Caedyn's neurology appointment on Thursday. Her video EEG was normal and the Dr. was quite surprised that only less than 24 hours on her new meds that this would be the result. We know God was at hand here and anything is possible! This doesn't necessarily mean that her epilepsy is gone, it more so means her meds have her seizures under good control. I think Dr. Umfleet could sense my anxiety about weaning her off the Valium because he was fine with waiting 4 more weeks to start the weaning process. The goal is to wean off of Valium first, then Keppra and continue on a maintainance dose of Topamax. This sounds good to me! The less we have to fight her to take her meds, the better. Of course, the alternative is much worse so we will continue to fight with her! We know there are so many prayers daily for Caedyn and our family. Thank you all so much. This means so much and we are forever grateful that you continue to lift our family up in prayer. We know there is much power in prayer!
We are still going to pursue a second opinion in Detroit as soon as all her EEG records are dictated. I have heard some negative things about the meds she is on and would love to hear another specialist point of view. Plus, what can it hurt? We will go to any length to make sure our Cae is well taken care of.
On a developmental note, Caedyn is doing well. She just starting sitting for longer than 30 seconds unattended, and even braces herself with her arm to balance. This is great. She is right on track and it just makes our hearts sing. We are reminded every day that God is in control and he has his hand in all of this. The fact she is developing just fine is encouraging!

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