Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PT evaluation

Caedyn had her first physical therapy session today. It went quite well considering she was ready for her morning nap. Our PT, Julie, is super sweet. She took a full prenatal history and discussed our current concerns. Caedyn passed with flying colors in the reflex and stationary areas. Her reflexes are consistant with that of a seven month old and her stationary/positioning consistant with her age of eight months. There is quite a bit of delay with the locomotion area. Which means while she can roll over, she doesn't really show any signs of interest in doing it, much less one bit of interest in crawling. Julie put her at the developmental age of about four months in that category. Now, being in the medical field and having previous experience in pediatrics, I am taking this with a grain of salt. I know children develop at all different ages and that the developmental milestones are just that; milestones the majority of children meet at any given age. It is hard to remember however, when I read the boy's baby books and see that they were starting to crawl and say words like, "momma and dadda" at eight months. I am certain that Caedyn will catch up and look at this delay as getting to keep my "baby" a baby just a little bit longer than most!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Oh my goodness, I am smitten with this daughter of mine. Maybe because I know she is my last baby and her growing up just makes me so sad! Or, it quite possibly could be just because she is so darn cute! I could sit, watch and talk to her all day. Do they really have to grow up?

Update from U of D

My dad and Luanne are friends with a neonatologist at University of Detroit. Dr. Duenas graciously offered to have her good friends at the University (a peds neuro and radiologist) review all Caedyn's records and scans to make sure the treatment here is the best she can be getting and also that her diagnosis is correct. The best part: it is all free and there is no travel involved on our part. So, after gathering all her records, CD of scans, jotting down my prenatal history, etc. I sent the envelope in the mail. Dr. Duenas called last week with the news. I was a little nervous and excited at the same time. She said that the three of them sat down and reviewed all her records and determined she DOES NOT have periventricular leukomalacia as Dr. Umfleet seems to think. This is excellent news! There was also some question of Caedyn having a syndrome called Miller-Dieker. She is negative for that as well. HALLELUJAH! Dr. Duenas said that she is developing just fine and reassured me that even her oldest son didn't walk till 16 months of age. She said she does need to be weaned off the Valium, which we already knew, and states it is not really doing anything to help prevent her seizures, the other meds are. This still doesn't give me the reassurance I am hoping for but, I am praying that God will ease my fears very soon. The Dr. did say however, that statistics show that children that develop epilepsy between 3-6 months of age have a greater risk for infantile spasm, uncontrolled seizure and battle with the disease lifelong. Despite this information, I am certain that with the power of prayer, Caedyn will be healed of her epilepsy. I have seen God's hand in many circumstances and know that he is the one true Healer!
So, now we wait. We either start the wean June 2 or before, if I can muster the courage and faith. I am praying so hard that God will ease my anxiety and allow Caedyn to be well controlled off the Valium. We covet your prayers as well!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little League Baseball

It's that time of year again. Little League Baseball. I love it. Especially this year. There is no tee to knock to the ground or endless pitches to kids that don't quite have the hand/eye coordination to watch and hit at the same time. They actually play by the rules and it can get quite exciting! Cam is playing for Georgetown Little League again this year and I fully expect Case to join in the fun next year. Jeff and I will be one of those parents we don't envy that has to have one parent at each game or go back and forth. We will have our own little taxi service nearly everyday of the week back and forth between the ball fields. Watching the kids gain talent in the sport and grow in encouragement and self-esteem makes it all well worth it!