Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tomorrow is a big day for Jeff, Caedyn and I. We have an appointment with Dr. Umfleet first thing in the a.m. to get instructions on weaning her valium and her video EEG results. While a normal EEG is way out of our league, we are praying for a miracle. If a normal EEG is not the result, we pray that the results are very specific and 100% treatable. I am very anxious about weaning her down on her valium. She has been so stable on the three meds she is on, I hate to mess with it. However, I know she cannot be on this med for forever and I have to face my fear sometime.
Hopefully, Lord willing, my next post will be a positive one. Please continue to keep Caedyn and our family in your prayers as these next couple weeks are crucial.

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