Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Neurologist update

We visited Lori, the PA at the neurologist's office today. She is so nice and Caedyn seems to like her as well! Lori was really pleased with Caedyn's progress. It is a real positive thing that she has been seizure free for over two months. While I am still anxious about weaning her Valium, Lori reassured us that it is way more likely the Topamax is keeping her seizure free rather than the Valium. I asked the question I am sure every parent of a child with epilepsy asks, "will she outgrow this?". Of course, she couldn't give me a definite answer. She said the next few months and the wean off of her Valium is crucial. If she can remain seizure free during the wean and also during bouts of sickness, fever, heat, etc. these are very positive milestones. A child well controlled during these times and with as minimal meds as possible, makes it more likely she will outgrow this! Typically, before all meds are weaned, she needs to be seizure free for two years. WOW. Hard to think about two years from now. The goal is to get rid of the Valium, then the Keppra and maintain her on Topamax. We are positive that with the power of prayer and our faithfulness, she will remain seizure free. Thanks again for your continued thoughts and prayers. We know that there are so many of you keeping her on your church prayer chains and in your daily prayers. There is nothing more comforting than this. We will keep you updated again soon!

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