Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hurdles, Hurdles

I start this entry believing we are so blessed. Even in the most trying of times I know that God is good and there is a plan in store for each one of us. It is convincing my head at times that bad things can happen to good people for reasons unknown and we just have to be faithful.
God has been really testing my patience and faith the past few days. Caedyn started being more fussy than normal on Saturday. Of course, Jeff left for California on Friday for a week so it is just my luck my weekend starts so great. Sunday, she was way more irritable than her normal happy, content self. I was attributing her fussiness to teething and didn't think a lot of it. Monday morning she continued to be irritable. Irritable to the point I couldn't console her with anything, wasn't able to get ready in the morning for work and it became quite frustrating! I just couldn't bring myself to send her to daycare so I stayed home with her. I am so glad that I did. All day she was very lethargic and it took a lot of effort to rouse her. I made an appointment with the pediatrician in the afternoon to rule out an ear infection.
At the Dr her temperature was 105 degrees. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I was feeling like Mother of the Year, let me tell you. She was not the least bit warm so I didn't even think to check her temp. It wasn't until a while later I figured out why her skin wasn't warm and she wasn't sweating with her fever. One of her AEDs (Anti Epileptic Drugs) causes her body not to sweat or react when it gets overheated. Therefore, she felt perfectly normal and she wasn't "feverish". Dr. Schipper wanted to send her to ER right away because of the high temp and her lethargy. So off to ER we went. I swear this stuff always happens when my husband is out of town! Thankfully, I have a great mom who came and stayed with me as well as my wonderful neighbor and friend, Angie.
After doing a series of tests including a chest xray, it was concluded Cae has right lower lobe pneumonia. Unfortunately, this quite possibly could be from her aspirating her medications when we give them to her. What are we to do? We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either we force her to take her meds or she suffers from seizures. We can't win.
Anyway, there is a good side to this hurdle. She had a 105 temp and NEVER ONCE had a seizure. This is a miracle as even healthy kids without epilepsy would have likely had a seizure with a temp so high. So I start this post off saying and believing we are blessed. We are. Beyond Measure. While we struggle with the best way to get her to take her meds and experience a minor illness setback, I am reminded that she is here and part of our lives. I am also reminded that we have wonderful friends (Lana, you have blessed me beyond measure) and God is in control - Now, we just have to Let Go and Let Him. Thanks for your prayers, as always.


  1. I didn't know she was admitted. Lots of hugs & prayers coming your way.

  2. I'm glad your mom was there to help. That had to have been scary to not feel a fever when one was there. I hope she feels better soon and that the rest of your week is more relaxing.

    PS Katie had 105 degree fevers for 5 days in a row (although I had the advantage to feel how hot she was) when she had Kowasacki Disease. The pediatrician kept telling me not to worry about it and sending me home, until the last day when I insisted they draw her blood until they find something. Those fevers that high are scary!!

  3. Stay strong, have faith, you can do it. As for Mother of the Year, one time Marko walked around with broken arm for a whole week. I felt like an idiot when he finally made it to the orthopaedic surgeon. Josip and I got Parents of the Year,I was so embarrased.