Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas is always such a busy but welcome time for our family. We visit 7 different families each year with the kids, presents and food to pass in tow. While I enjoy the hustle and bustle, we are always so thankful when the two weeks of family gatherings come to a close. No offense anyone, it just can be exhausting! Nonetheless, we are blessed to have such supportive family in town. Here are a few pictures of our 2010 Christmas Holiday.

Case asked for Stinky the Garbage Truck this year.

I think Cae plays with it more than he does!

Sheer excitement to have received a Beyblade set!

Would have been a cute picture if someone wanted to cooperate!

Addy, Cam, Eli, Olivia, Zach and Case at grandma and grandpa Kreuze's Christmas Eve.

Alexa is such a great cousin! We can't wait till she can start babysitting!

Great Aunt Jodi made Caedyn a couple new "babies"

Just wanted to show the Potts Christmas gathering. This is about 3/4 of the family.
I think we counted off till 62. Awesome!

Caedyn and her new shopping cart.

My mom made these FABULOUS purses for Jonelle and I
for Christmas. Along with the wool mittens, a new outfit for Caedyn and a hat.
She is amazingly talented!

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