Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miss Caedyn at 16 months - Where did the time go?

So, I am a little behind on my blogging these days. I must admit I enjoy it once I get writing but it takes a lot to get me started. I often find myself at a loss for words and get frustrated because my blog is not near as pretty and well written as a lot of the ones I follow. Oh well.
I start this post with amazement and sadness that my baby is already 16 months old. Where did the time go? I am sure having a whirl wind year of health issues, job changes and extracurricular activites doesn't help. I wanted to share some stats of my growing girl. She is already 33 3/4 inches long and 26.2 pounds. She is still not walking or talking much but knows how to get what she wants. It is my theory that girls learn this technique at a very young age and she is proving this everyday. We must recently have started the art of temper tantrums. She cries so hard she often hyperventilates and has BIG crocodile tears. It is quite ridiculous and if I didn't fear she would have a seizure, I would toss her little hiney in her crib and let her scream it out. This, she knows it is to her advantage. Stinker. I have attached a very mild form of what we see daily. How can you get upset with that face???

She says words like "momma", "dadda", "hi" and the occasional "kitty". I am not convinced she knows how to use all these words in context yet because she doesn't actually call for me of Jeff. I am praying for that real soon. We are scheduled to be done with feeding therapy in a couple weeks. The other night she actually ate an adult size portion of spaghetti which she wouldn't do just a couple months ago. She is still eating smaller portions and very small bites but we have graduated to sausage, hotdogs and french fries without choking. I am so excited about this! We start another 12 week stint of PT at MFB to work strengthening her low muscle tone. It is likely she will need to wear ankle braces for some time but we will be evaluated for that too. I am hoping she starts walking unassisted real soon. While she has taken a couple steps alone, the whole process has been a tease. My arms are growing real tired of carrying around a 26 pound child so anytime she wants to start walking would be excellent with me! :)
All in all, we are happy with her progress. As she grows it is obvious her delays in gross motor, speech and a small amount of fine motor skills. Thankfully we have an excellent source of therapy right at our fingertips. By 18 months, I am hoping for strength in all three. For now, we count our blessings at how far she has come. We praise God she is happy and healthy!

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  1. This is Good news, I am so glad that you guys are getting the help that my parents got when i was younger, when they had to go through it w/ me. I love seeing her smiles and all the nice pictures you put on your blogs. keep it up, i love reading them. Love you Aunt Jen. - Becca Weiland