Monday, January 24, 2011

Boo on the stomach flu!

I am waiting for Caedyn's big break. Waiting and waiting.....
I hear the neurologist saying, "the better seizure control we have now, the more likely she will outgrow her epilepsy". So I wait. I wait for the day I can say Caedyn has been seizure free for a year. Two years. Ten years. I am having a hard time believing that day will ever come. I am having a hard time believing that she can outgrow this disease. I do have faith that God has a plan, I just hate it when my faith is tested.

We got to visit the new Helen DeVos Children's Hospital on January 15. Not how we wanted to check out the posh, new digs everyone in GR is talking about. After a round with the flu three months ago, we felt like we knew exactly what to expect this time around. I am getting better with this whole seizure thing. Unfortunately. No one should have to "get better" at dealing with seizures. I didn't freak out and call the neurologist after her first episode Saturday morning, we waited till the second. Though we were hoping there would be no second, we knew it was pretty inevitable because of her history. So, after a trial of oral Valium at home, we went in. We are so thankful to be able to drop the boys off at the drop of a hat with our family. I personally was very thankful that Jeff was home again for this round. I dread the day he is in Texas and I have to deal with this myself. I pray the good Lord doesn't EVER allow that to happen. I may just crack.

After nine seizures in less than 18 hours, we finally got them under control. I cannot imagine having to deal with this disease without having a medical background. I am thankful for my education! We stayed for three days and finally went home on Monday, January 17. She is such a good sport. I don't know what I would do if she weren't so complacent and tolerant. Lord knows, I am not. So we plug on. This won't be the last visit to HDVCH unfortunately. We have a scheduled EEG and numerous specialist follow-ups in the next couple weeks. I am looking forward to getting more answers for my beautiful "Fiona". Thanks for your continued prayers!

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