Thursday, February 10, 2011

EEG Round 3

Our third EEG and not our last. The third time must be the charm. Aside from our not so pleasant experience with HDVCH, Caedyn's 24 hour EEG went well. She tolerated being hooked up to multiple wires and her EEG backpack with ease. I am thankful for that. This EEG was to rule out nighttime "silent" seizures that occur while sleeping. As if we don't have enough anxiety during wakeful hours with Cae, for the past few months, we have added seizures while sleeping to the list.
Caedyn was her wonderful happy self as usual. She took each poke and interuption with stride (except at 4am, that was no fun). The results came back positive with no sleep seizures and it was overall normal. Normal doesn't mean she doesn't have epilepsy, normal means well controlled. This was good news to hear! We have our initial consult with the neurodevelopmental specialist, Dr. Nancy Dodge next Wednesday. We are anxiously awaiting the news on the possibility of CP. Please pray that we get the answers we need to understand and cope with Caedyn's developmental delay. Please pray that in the next six months all of this will be a blur and she will be developmentally right on target. We are all patients of the one true physician and we know He heals!

Seriously, this child is a trooper. Who else would be this happy all caged up with a head full of wires?

Even post EEG (in my opinion, the worst part) she smiles!


  1. Oh Jen! Praying for sweet Caedyn...she is just so precious!

  2. We continue to send prayers for answers and healing. xoxoxoxo... She is so sweet!

  3. What a trooper she is!!! She just looks so incredibly sweet!! What a blessing that is huh? I continue to pray Jen!!

    Jan Hearn

  4. Such a sweet little girl, hope to meet her one day!