Friday, April 8, 2011


I am so incredibly behind in my blogging. It is quite sad really. I am really going to try to get back on the bandwagon, although, with two boys in Little League and daddy gone most nights, I may just be too exhausted to even turn the computer on. That being said, what better way to re-start my blogging than with a huge HALLELUJAH! Caedyn has taken her first "real" steps and is finally meaning business. Ha! I wasn't so optimistic this day would ever come. She started taking her first steps the first week of March, just one week after we had her orthotics fitted (which are purple with green polka dots, by the way). She definitely still needs the braces as she is not real stable and hesitant with each step. We are excited to get them after 6 weeks of waiting, on April 13. I posted a video most of you have already seen on Facebook. I cannot get enough of my diva in training. Seriously. God is so good!

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