Friday, April 8, 2011

My Baby Boy is F.I.V.E.!

Oh my goodness. Where has the time gone? It is the age old question every mother asks as her children get another year older. Not only do we grow older (and get more wrinkles) but this just means our precious babies that we once wondered would ever grow out of "that stage", finally are. Boo.
Case has always been difficult, er, strong willed. We knew he was trouble from his frequent, multiple hour screaming fits at only a few weeks of age. While the temper tantrums and frequent events that would make any parent lose their mind were a daily occurance, I wouldn't change a single thing about my Case. He is a sports fanatic, independent, extraordinary loving (he is such a momma's boy, I love it)sassy and knows what he wants but doesn't always get it. Oh, wait the dimples. TO DIE FOR. I love them. Thank you Hennip genes, thank you.
For some reason the 1st and 5th birthdays are important ones in the Hennip family. We always do extra fun things for these birthdays like have a party with more than just family. For Case's special day, he wanted to have some buddies over for pizza and cake and then spend a couple hours at For The Kidz Gym in Wyoming, MI. Case invited his cousin Zach, Torin, Luke, Alec and Anderson. They had so much fun jumping on the trampolines, in the foam pit and balancing on the balance beams. It is a really cool place.
It's hard to believe my little bugaboo is 5 and going to full time Kindergarten in the fall. Here is to a wonderful 5th year, Case!

From Left: Torin, Zach, Alec, Luke, Anderson, Cam and Case

We are having a GREAT time!

Dimples. Need I say more?

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  1. Awww Jen!
    Just finished reading your blog and gotta admit it made me a little weepy. It sounded tmrw familiar. Mason turned 5 this year and we too in the Jones family 'go big' for first and fifths. He is also starting full time kindergarten in the fall. Not so sure how I feel about all this growing up stuff! We will need to stay in better contact so I can get your advice on how to handle this! Love ya take care!