Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PT evaluation

Caedyn had her first physical therapy session today. It went quite well considering she was ready for her morning nap. Our PT, Julie, is super sweet. She took a full prenatal history and discussed our current concerns. Caedyn passed with flying colors in the reflex and stationary areas. Her reflexes are consistant with that of a seven month old and her stationary/positioning consistant with her age of eight months. There is quite a bit of delay with the locomotion area. Which means while she can roll over, she doesn't really show any signs of interest in doing it, much less one bit of interest in crawling. Julie put her at the developmental age of about four months in that category. Now, being in the medical field and having previous experience in pediatrics, I am taking this with a grain of salt. I know children develop at all different ages and that the developmental milestones are just that; milestones the majority of children meet at any given age. It is hard to remember however, when I read the boy's baby books and see that they were starting to crawl and say words like, "momma and dadda" at eight months. I am certain that Caedyn will catch up and look at this delay as getting to keep my "baby" a baby just a little bit longer than most!


  1. It could be just a third kid syndrome too. Seriously, Andrew is almost 11 months and still no closer to crawling. He just sits there and whines until someone brings him something....lazy boy. So glad to hear that the eval went well.

  2. every child makes their own milestones!