Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter, as we do every Easter, we went to my mom's for a great meal and her traditional Easter egg hunt after church. Every year we say she goes above and beyond in regards to candy, treats and Easter eggs. This year was no exception. Each child had their own color and 25 eggs to find. Not the little eggs, the BIG ones. Yes, we will be eating Easter egg candy for months!

Pictured (L-R): My niece Olivia, My mom, Caedyn, Cam, My nephew Eli, My niece Addy, Case, My nephew Zach and Dale

Aside from all the Easter bunnies and eggs, we still remember the true meaning of the Easter season. I was so happy that the kids got up Easter morning and first thing they said was, "Mom, Jesus rose to Heaven today after dying on the cross!". It is so great knowing that our children have and know a Savior that lives and died for them. It makes a parent feel good knowing that so far, we have done a good job and their lives are in His hands.

Finally, with Easter comes new Easter outfits. I am so blessed to have a mother that is so talented. This Easter, she made Caedyn her Easter dress. It was beautiful.The pictures do it no justice. It will forever be my favorite piece of clothing. It is so detailed and the layers on the dress are adorable. The boys, well, I always enjoyed dressing them in pink button down shirts and khakis with spikey that I have a little girl to dress, Easter is much more FUN!

Cae loved the new Zhu-Zhu pet in her Easter basket. Can't tell, can you?

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